Top No BS Tips to Help You Slim Down for Your Wedding Day

by Aisha Farndon on 12/01/2016

Wedding diet tips from those who have been there

We doubt there are any brides-to-be who aren’t on a mission to look their very best on their wedding day. A big part of that for most brides-to-be includes losing weight and toning up.

We give you some no-BS tips for slimming down for your big day from those who have been there and done it.

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  1. It’s 80% diet and 20% exercise

It can be easy to think to yourself that if you just get yourself to the gym that you’ll miraculously drop the pounds. Yes, the gym helps but it’s all down to getting the energy balance right and it’s a hell of a lot easier to save 500 calories on eating than it is to burn 500 calories.

  1. Calories DO matter – so track them

Diet books sell because people like to believe that they can lose weight without any effort. But you can’t ignore the laws of physics – you will lose a pound of weight if your total calories in are 3,500 less than you burn. Yes, there is more to it in that if you want to ensure that you don’t lose muscle there are other steps you need to take. However, you will not lose weight if you eat 30 apples a day - however healthy they may be, the calories still add up.

An easy-to-use tool to determine how many calories you need a day when dieting is available on Muscle for Life.

To track the calories, My Fitness Pal is a great app, with over 2,000,000 foods in its database and the ability to calculate calories in a recipe from simply copying and pasting the URL into their recipe importer tool. Genius!

  1. Don’t let well-meaning friends stop your progress

Friends can be well-meaning but when you’re constantly being told that you look perfect as you are it can be hard to keep going. Try to have a friend on board who will encourage you to lose weight. If you have a work colleague on board you could even go for lunchtime walks and make sure that any lunches out are to healthy places.

Another great way to stay motivated is to get to know people in the changing rooms of your gym. If you go in the mornings you tend to find lots more hard-core gym lovers, who will certainly not chastise you for wanting to drop those extra pounds.

And if you’re not already on Instagram, get yourself on there and follow some celebrity fitness models – it’s daily motivation to look smoking hot and to keep going.

  1. Make sure you eat enough protein

Lots of people are big into flexible If It Fits Your Macros” dieting at the moment. Essentially, if your macros are right, it doesn’t matter what you eat to get there. Macros are the balance between carbs, protein and fat.

What’s less clear is whether carbs are the enemy – it’s a battle that rages on between various “experts”. However, one thing most of those in the know will agree on is you need a certain amount of protein to ensure most of your fat loss comes from fat and not muscle when dieting.

Government authorities will say you at least 0.36g of protein a day per pound of body (1). However, if you start dieting, most people suggest you at least double this (2) -  and a lot of experts will say you should up your intake to around 1g per day (3). So if you were 10st you’d need to consume around 100g of protein per day!

  1. Experiment with different gym times

You may not think you are a morning person but you’d be surprised how much an early morning gym routine can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day and also stop you wanting to eat as many bad things!

If you work in a city centre but have a long commute, it’s even more motivation – if you get yourself to the gym in the mornings, you avoid the rush hour traffic and you often only need to get out of bed 20 mins earlier to get a whole hour and a half at the gym.

  1. Time it with wedding dress shopping

If you plan to lose a lot of weight, there’s simply no point in going wedding dress shopping whilst you don’t feel at your best and when your figure may change – meaning what suits you may too. If you have certain designers you love, find out how far in advance you need to order. Most designers operate a 6 to 9 month lead time. So if you’ve got an 18 month engagement, that gives you a whole 9 to 12 months to whip yourself into shape!

  1. If you prefer home workouts, there are plenty of free ones online

We love Fitness Blender, where you can search for different types of workouts. Short for time? Grab a Tabata workout that burns around 500 calories calories in 25 minutes. Want to build some sexy curves in all the right places? There’s an hourglass workout for that. If you need a structured orgramme they’ve also got plenty of those.

  1. Personal training that won’t break the bank

If you feel you need more of a push in the right direction, personal training doesn’t have to be out just because you’re saving for a wedding. For example, you can get one-to-one support and programmes on iBodyFit from just $49.99 a month. Another really popular online programme is The Body Coach, which promises to get help you “shift, shape and sustain” in 90 days and gives you a tailored diet and exercise plan with online support for £150.

  1. Plan ahead for weddings and hen parties

When you’re at “that age” it all happens at once, so remember to factor those big hen and wedding weekends into the equation far in advance!