Treat Her This Valentines Day

Posted in Dating & Relationships by Trai Hadfield on 10/02/2017

The big day is right around the corner so there is no more putting it off fellas you need to put a plan together for Valentines Day. 

Valentine day

It can be a little stressful sometimes when you are trying to come up with a way to appropriately show your love and it always comes across as cheesy. Well if you’re willing to indulge the cheesy nature of Valentines Day a little we have to covered for ideas. Check them out below and ask yourself “What would she like most?” and all will go just fine.

1. Recreate Your First Date: -

Revaluation meal Manchester

Chances are with most guys you were probably trying to make a bigger effort to show the lady of your life your romantic side right at the start of the relationship. That’s normal but this Valentine’s Day why don’t you recapture the magic and take her back to where you had your first date.

2. Try Something Different: -


There is nothing that can bring two people closer together better than trying something new. Sharing new experiences with the one you love is a fantastic way to create lasting memories and finding new hobbies. You get bonus points for getting active with it as it is a scientific fact that getting you endorphins going will put you both a more loving mood.

3. Surprise Her: - 

valentines ideas for her

One thing we know, even if she is expecting it and sees it coming a mile away as long as you try to surprise her it will go down much appreciated. Let her come home to a trail of rose petals leading to a romantic candlelit dinner with a glass of her favourite bubbly and some chocolate treats for afters. You can both laugh about how cheesy the whole affair is as you enjoy each other’s company. It's honestly not that hard to pull off and it will make you look good.

4. Spend Time Together: - 

stuff to do with your girl on valentines day

You know your women better than we do and sometimes all a lady really wants is to is sit in with her man and do absolutely nothing. That can mean breaking out a few movies, getting takeaway and snuggling up on the sofa all day long. But whatever you do make sure you bring plenty of junk food as this is a necessity.

5. Get Away: - 

valentines day hotel

Not the cheapest of options this one might take some saving but if you have the cash for it then why not take your other half for a special weekend away. You don’t have to leave the country you can just head to a new city in the UK. Book a fancy hotel, eat some extravagant meals and see what’s going on in the new city. Going back to an early point the novelty of trying something new together goes double when travelling.