UK's Unofficial Capital

Posted in News & Polls by Michael Ferguson on 27/10/2009


Following news of Manchester signing a formal friendship agreement with the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles declaring Manchester as “one of the greatest cities in the world” independent research has ranked Manchester as England’s leading city. So it would naturally follow that the place to be at the moment for UK Stag and Hen parties is Manchester.

The Economic Intelligence Unit’s annual “liveability” survey ranked Manchester 46th out of 140 cities ranked worldwide with London only coming 51st. The news that there were over 6.5 million overnight stays in our city also points towards continuing upward trends in the popularity of Manchester with investments not only in leading venues Stags and Hens use like the Chill Factor and Golftorium but in leading festivals such as the Manchester International Festival, the Manchester Comedy Festival and the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

As Stag and Hen Manchester’s venues for Stags and Hens continue to expand and events and gigs continue to be announced in Manchester we make a promise to all Stags and Hens now that we will continue to be at the forefront of giving you the best of what a Premier League city has to offer!