Welcome to Stag and Hen Manchester

by Michael Ferguson on 29/07/2009

Hi and welcome to the first ever Stag and Hen Manchester blog. We have decided to start a blog to tell you about Manchester, what is on offer and our take on current trends in the world of all things Stag and Hen. So look out for restaurant reviews, activity reviews, updates on what’s happening in Manchester whilst you are here and much much more!


Firstly a little about the blog’s author – My name is Mike Ferguson and I am one of the directors of the business. I am a staunch Mancunian through and through and love everything about living in Manchester itself. I have spent time working not only in Manchester hotels but also at Manchester City Football Club and as such have a slight leaning to the blue side of the footballing divide!

I have been going out in Manchester for a number of years and enjoying the extensive nightlife and the good natured antics of the stag parties and hen parties I see, particularly around the Printworks. And hey if you want to invite me I’ll happily join you for a drink on yours! (Hens – I am single and good looking if I don’t say so myself)

If going wild isn’t your thing I also like to think of myself as well versed in the finer things in life. I thoroughly enjoy such venues as the Living Room and Cloud 23 even if my bank balance doesn’t and hey I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve visited a health club or two for a relaxing massage – so Stags don’t miss out.

Right on to important matters. What does Manchester have to offer and why use us? Quite simply we offer a uniqueness of experience. Being based in Manchester as we are, we know we have the largest indoor golf centre in the European Union for Stags to enjoy, we know we have one of the country’s premier indoor snow centres with Skiing, Luging, Snowboarding and Tubing for Stags and Hens to try. We also react to new developments to keep our packages as up to date as possible. For example we are told an indoor sky diving centre should be ready before Christmas.

We don’t stop there either as we have spoken to each supplier in great depth about what will make your day the best possible. With no hidden costs or hassles we can offer you more options for your Manchester Stag weekend and Manchester Hen weekend than others can. Why, for example, take Paintballing packages with only 100 paintballs when in a 3 hour session you’re likely to shoot between 500 and 700?

Then finally the most important thing you need to know is that the choice is up to you. It’s your big day you’re celebrating so why can’t it be your Stag weekend or Hen weekend. We allow you to pick your accommodation rating and activities and we will then liaise with you on the best itinerary and costs to fit your budget. We are even available in Manchester should you ever need help whilst you are here!

So on behalf of Stag and Hen Manchester Ltd we look forward to welcoming you to Manchester and its fine northern hospitality!

If you have any comments on this blog feel free to email them to info@stagandhenmanchester.co.uk at any time.