We've Priced Up A Stag Do In Space!

by Aisha Farndon on 06/10/2015

Next time your older colleague / parents / uncle  chastises you for arranging what they deem to be a totally OTT stag do, you can be smug in the knowledge that you’re not.

It’s not like you’re having the stag do in space after all. If you’re planning on a fun-filled stag weekend in Manchester then just breathe a huge sigh of relief that the groom isn’t a secret astronomer with a telescope hidden in his room that only comes out at night.

But if he was that way inclined….it doesn’t bear thinking about. In fact, we reckon Floyd “The Money” Mayweather would even have to stop and think twice before he booked such a stag do mission. (Clearly he would then decide, “F**k it, I’m the man” and then brag about it on Instagram afterwards.)

So how much would a stag do in space set you back?

So just how much would it cost to launch yourselves into space? Make sure you’re sitting for this one as our infographic highlights how all of these costs tot up.

Then thank your lucky stars that you’re arranging a stag do in Manchester instead and see how much more affordable an out-of-this-world stag do would be in Manchester, before finding out some weird and wonderful facts you never thought you’d want to know about space!

stag do in space infographic


So how much would a similar stag do in Manchester cost for 10 people?

£285 – £475 (including all spends)

Based on a typical 2 night break away – because no-one really books a stag 10-day bender!

Travel: approx. £20 – £100 per stag

(depending on where in the country you come from and how organised you are in getting the early bird booking discount!)

Accommodation: between £85 – £120 for two nights

There is lots of accommodation to suit different budgets in Manchester. If you go 3* board only you could pay just £85pp (and that’s a little gem of a hotel with facilities with a pool at this price),  or around £120pp for 4* apartments.

Stripper: approx. £15 each

You could hire either a hot stripper or a roly poly stripper – see what they can do for you by clicking on the links!

Poker tournament: £30pp

A poker tournament with your very own dealer, a drink and buffet meal would set you back just £30pp.

Sightseeing / Daytime Activities – between £   to £ per person on average

You could book yourselves onto a Manchester United stadium tour for just £18.

Other popular stag activities in Manchester include zorb football, FootGolf, horse racing and karting, which range from £15pp to £40pp. For stag do favourites, click here for more ideas.

Beer and food – approx £100 to £200

If you stay in apartments you can usually get a Tesco delivery to drop off your booze and things like frozen pizzas to cook before you head out.

But let’s face it…you’re not coming to a new city to stay in all weekend! Depending on whether you can neck your beer like a rugby boy on initiation and fancy a meal out too, you’re probably looking at £100 to £200 on spends.

Extras – maybe £50

Typical ones – late check-out fees or missing your pre-booked train!

And Some Random Space Facts