What is Goggle Football?

by Kimberly Low on 13/10/2016

Brace yourself people, there’s a new sport in town. Introducing…the goggle football!

“The what football?”, you ask. Goggle football. Nope, no typo there.


Goggle football has become the latest must-have activity for stags and hens in Manchester and we’ll tell you why. Imagine the pandemonium of activities that happen when you’re playing football, while being drunk. That’s exactly why goggle football was created – to replicate the very same fun & funny experience of kicking a ball around with your inebriated friends.

Never played football drunk before, you said? Well, here’s your chance now to tick it off your list.

During goggle football you put on these specially designed goggles that temporarily alter your vision. What the goggles do is make the football appear extremely far away or extremely close. Are you following?

The result is a scene of total chaos, albeit a funny kind of chaos. We’re talking about you and your mates stumbling and falling over each. Seeing them kick air over and over again trying to score a goal. Completely uncoordinated headshots. Yes, it’s a truly hilarious scene.

You and your party can arrange to play goggle football at a sports centre closest to you; all the sports centres are located near city centre of Manchester. Each game lasts for 60 minutes, a little shorter than a regular football game but trust us, an hour is all you can take with them googly eyes.

Upon arrival, you will be ushered to a warm-up session and then given the special goggles. After that, it’s right onto ball-passing practice, followed by shooting practice, sprinting exercises and finally, the actual game. This complete session of rehearsals is to ensure that none of you kids end up on a stretcher before the end of match. Safety first, aye.

So if you’re looking for something new and unique to incorporate into your stag or hen activities, check out goggle footballs. You can also ramp up the adrenaline rush with zorb football, footgolf and footpool – all funny and interesting variations of football.

What are you waiting for? Get your footie shoes out now and practice the kicks.