Cloud 23 Bar Manchester

Probably the best bar views in Manchester city centre

cloud 23
Situated on the 23rd floor of Manchester’s tallest building, Beetham Tower, which houses luxury apartments and the Hilton hotel, Cloud 23 Bar Manchester has a unique location and a stylish ever-changing ambience thanks to its floor to ceiling windows with views out across Manchester and its surrounds.

The only way to access the bar is through an exclusive lift from the building’s reception and this only adds to the prestigious feel. Its drinks, although expensive, are worth it as the cocktails are of the highest order of quality. Once you are inside and have a drink in your hand looking out over the skyline you will feel like you are in heaven.

Please be aware, though, that entry requirements are strict and Stag and Hen Manchester CANNOT guarantee that you will be permitted entry to Cloud 23 Bar. Entry is open to all until 6pm, following which access will be via guest-list only and is controlled via a security team at the foot of the elevator in the lobby. If you do want to try and attend, smart casual with no trainers for the guys is an absolute must. We would suggest trying to aim to be there as early as you can be and, if you are a large group, splitting yourselves up as they will not be comfortable allowing entrance for groups over 20 in size.

It is well worth a trip if you can afford the time and certainly a bar that will give the wow factor to any night out.

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