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We’ve been organising stag parties in Manchester for years, and having so we’ve become experts in the city’s entertainment, accommodation and where to have the perfect stag do. Not only that, we’ve seen dozens of stag themes that have made us laugh and plenty of classic ideas too, from pranks and group costumes, to stag do games and activities. Let us share with you our expertise to get your ideas running for the stag night.

Activity Ideas

A weekend the whole group can enjoy

Whilst the groom is most definitely the one you want to help celebrate his last night of freedom, not all guests are capable of or interested in the same activities, so choose wisely. We recommend choosing one “extreme” or active activity and something more relaxing for the evening or next day such as drink tasting sessions or sitting to watch some comedy over a couple of pints. You could even choose a couple you know the groom will like and put it to a vote. 


Stag Do Favourite Activities

Stag parties are no longer just a nigh out in town, there are dozens of activities your group can do that are different to the stag do you went to last year. Some classics such as the glamourous girls and paintballing can be hard to resist, but have you thought about motoring? Bubble Football? Here’s some of most popular activities to date:


Popular stag Party Themes

A bit of advice...

Half the laughs on a stag do come from the fact you’re allowed to be wacky with your friends and family, so why not choose a great theme to kick things off? For the best fancy dress turn-out, we suggest keeping it simple with a broad theme for the guys to adapt however they want.  

Gentleman – Are you a group of gentlemen looking for a more exclusive relaxed celebration? Tell the guys you’re going for a theme of luxury and you could dress in suits, ties, top hats, maybe even a sweater draped over the shoulders and a pipe. A luxury theme is easily reflected in the day’s activities and your chosen accommodation. You could opt for a luxury apartment stay, where you decide to host some of the party’s main events. When heading out you could drop by VIP locations such as the Milton Club and perhaps dabble in some wine/beer/bourbon taster sessions the next day.

Humorous – Comedy costumes are becoming growing popular amongst stag parties over any other kind of do. Some of the most photographed you will find on the internet are the Borat ‘mankini’ and the ‘riding costumes’ which create the illusion you are riding on horseback – or getting a piggy back from a bear or gnome… For generation that grew up with the internet, you could even find lots of funny ideas from online culture such as meme characters, from the condescending Willy Wonka, to Lord of Rings’ Boromir quoting the classic “one does not simply..” all night.

Inventive – Getting inventive when it comes to a theme can be easier than you think. Keep it broad. What are your groom’s interests? Identify something like computer games, sports or music genres he’s into, e.g. if he’s into rock, dress as rock stars. Want to do something completely original? We’ve invented costumes such as: roller coasters, Lego characters, buses, even wheelchairs converted into military tanks!

Personalised – Ever seen celebrity masks? Well now you can get your groom’s face printed onto custom masks for the whole group. Show the guy you love him, or simply aim to freak him out by getting everyone to show up dressed just like him! If you want to go more low key, identify the occupation, hobbies or interests of the groom and bring all the appropriate props e.g. Foam sport equipment, fishing nets, cosplay costumes etc. and pair them up with an activity to compliment or expand on his interests.

Where to stay

Stay Somewhere Perfect

Stag Do Accommodation

Finding accommodation for the stag party can be trickier than you think and should never be left till last. Booking your accommodation should be your number one priority if you are to guarantee all the guys are at least going to stay in the city! It may not be as simple as browsing through hotels online as may hotels refuse to take on a group of stags. To see stag-friendly accommodation available to you in the city centre split into budget type.

Our Featured Apartments

Hints and Tips

Make sure your accommodation:

  • ..Is Stag friendly.
  • Has the parking you need.
  • Has a convenient location
  • Can cater for any special requirements
  • Has a friendly team ready to help out
  • Is fully equipped with what you might need
  • Is close to a newsagents or corner shop
  • Has enough space for your plans

City Guide

Manchester City Centre Guidelines


Manchester is known as the unofficial capital of the North, with tonnes to for stags, hens, family and friends alike. The areas you are most likely to party in are the Manchester Northern Quarter for the bustling nightlife or the more upmarket area known as Spinningfields, with lots of themed bars, restaurants and outdoor seating areas. All in all, you have over 500 licenced premises to choose from in the city centre.

Getting about Manchester couldn’t be easier with the infamous tram metrolink, 3 train stations and Uber taxis. To find out exactly where you might want to visit and explore, get further details about key areas and venues by clicking the images below.


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